Baltic Pine and other Timbers

Breakwater paint stripping can provide caustic and non-caustic paint removal process for various types of timbers from smaller items such as chairs, tables and cabinets to larger items such as mantles, structural beams etc. No matter how big or small your project if its got paint on it we can restore it to its original glory.
BRETT 093b BRETT 094_450x600
Kangaroo Chair done in Non-Caustic 
 BRETT 102b BRETT 104b
Red Pine 3 Panel Door done in Caustic 
 BRETT 546b  BRETT 147b
 Baltic Pine 4 Pannel door done in Caustic
 BRETT 530b  BRETT 532b
 Baltic Pine Bench Seat done in Caustic
 image02  image03
Victorian Mantle done in Caustic